How To Use My Coupon Spreadsheet


If you see a coupon row highlighted in RED, that is a coupon that I plan on using this week. When I’ve actually used it, I can quickly search through the list for the red rows and delete them off, or “move” them to my loose pile if I cut it but didn’t use it.

  • Ins: Insert
    AU = All You Magazine
    LS = Loose (in my coupon box)
    PG = Proctor & Gamble
    RP = Red Plum
    SS = Smart Source
  • Date
    Inserts = The date the insert was published
    IP’s = I started putting them in batches, numbering each batch and then numbering each coupon. it didn’t take long before I needed a binder just for IP’s! So I’m phasing that out and have resorted to clipping after printing and filing in a box. So when you see something like 1-45 / 2-46 that means I have (2) of that coupon – 1 can be found in batch (1) # 45 and the other can be found in batch (2) #46. If you have a similar system or any advice, please let me know!
    Packages = What item the coupon came in
  • Town: What newspaper the insert came from
    BB = CVS Beauty Booklet
    Bing = Binghamton Press & Sun
    BKLT = Part of a Booklet
    BLINK = From a blinkie machine
    CAT = Store catalina (not store specific)
    CC = Coupon Clippers
    CHK = Formula Check
    EBAY = Purchased through eBay
    HT = Hang Tag
    IP = Internet Printable
    MAIL = Home Mailer
    PACK = Inside or on Package / Box
    PEELIE = Coupon found on outside of package
    Phil = Philadelphia Inquirer
    RA = Rite Aid Specific
    REBATE = A coupon I earned from sending in a rebate
    SAMP = Received with a sample
    Syr = Syracuse Post Standard
    TEAR = A coupon found on a tearpad
    TRADE = A coupon received by trading
  • Seq: Where in the insert I will find the coupon – 1 being the 1st coupon
    X- = Sometimes Smart Source will have 2 different inserts in the same week – I use the first letter of either the color or the item on the cover to distinguish between the two
  • Qty: How many of this coupon I have in that insert
  • Amt: Coupon savings amount
  • Brand
  • Item
    (X) = This is when a coupon might list 2 or more “brands” – I post the (1) coupon for each brand (so I don’t “miss” it by doing a Brand/Item sort list) as well as list the other brands and a “See Coupon” note which tells me I’d better take a look at the coupon before actually going to use it. Then when I DO use it, I know to mark the others for deletion as well.
  • Qty: How many of this item I need to purchase in order to use the coupon
  • Exp: Expiration date
    I use Microsoft Excel 2007 and LOVE it. It makes life SO much easier! So when you see a RED date, that is a coupon that is going to expire this week – on or before Saturday.
  • UPC


A list of all my expired coupons which are then filed in a seperate box.


This is where I will begin to compile a list of printables. I really don’t want to keep printing them all out if I’m never going to use them, but I don’t want to “miss” a coupon because I can’t find it online. If you have any suggestions for printables, I’m ALL ears!!!


A list of all current mail in rebate forms that I have – original and printable.


A list of all restaurant coupons I have.


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